Career Coaching

Clinical Supervision

As you consider a social work career, you may feel overwhelmed due to the social work field’s broadness. It is okay to seek assistance in figuring out your career path. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of clinical experience, I provide career coaching and mentoring for future Social Workers who are looking to get into the field or are already in the field.  Through a one-on-one meeting, I will help you get clear in choosing a career path in Social Work.
Master Level Social Workers require Clinical Supervision as a condition for obtaining their full license. I provide one on one as well as group clinical supervision for Social Work professionals. During clinical supervision meetings, we will discuss topics related to social work ethics, the scope of practice, case conceptualizations, and other issues related to the social work profession while maintaining client confidentiality. Documentation of all clinical supervision encounters are kept for the Supervisor’s Verification tith your state’s Board of Social Work. 

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